Update 28.05.2020.

Delayed re-opening. Due to the latest changes in Government guidelines (issued a few days ago) which affect businesses such as ours, we shall now need to delay re-opening of our business operations until 15th June. If any further changes are announced by Government which may affect this again, we will let you know.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but our utmost aim is to provide a safe environment for customers and staff.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

In the meantime, if you have a fault or other problem with an appliance, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for advice and assistance.


If you’re looking for appliance repairs or a new appliance in Northamptonshire, then look no further than Housewives Choice. With over 25 years of experience, we have gained a detailed knowledge and skill in repairing and sales of all kinds of domestic appliances.

We have 2 shops with a good selection of appliances to choose from.
Open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Wellingborough Shop 01933 594003
Rushden Shop 01933 355097

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    Why not try a reconditioned appliance

    Every machine has been through maintenance and testing


Sales - We sell a wide range of white goods appliances including Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers, Cookers, Fridges, Freezers, etc, both freestanding and built in.


Repairs - to many types (and brands) of domestic appliances carried-out in your home by our own Engineers.


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    Experience Skills

    It is unlikely that you will have a problem that we haven't seen before.

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    Expert Engineers

    All of our engineers are time-served and experienced.

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    Great Value

    We don't try to sell you a new machine if we can mend the old one.